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1. Faifo Coffee Shop – 130 Tran Phu, Hoi An

Located on the second most beautiful city of Hoi An, Faifo Coffee Shop is the destination for the guest who wants to enjoy aromatic coffee in antique elegant space. You can learn unleashingly, taste various types of pure premium coffee, even get experience in traditional roasting method of Hoi An ancient people and learn how to make yourself a delicious cup of coffee in style.

2. Coffee bean / coffee roasters

“Faifo Coffee” is packaged for easy selection with 5 different types of characteristics. You can buy online or directly at Faifo Coffee Shop to own fresh batch of roasted coffee.

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3. Workshop for roasting/ making coffee

Anyone who is interested and willing to discover the secret to create a delicious cup of coffee can participate in the workshops for roasting/ making coffee of Faifo Coffee. All information will be announced when the program starts.

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