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Faifo coffee

The name

Faifo is the name the Westerners called ancient Hoi An. Many Hoi An residents is still talking about a coffee roaster oven in the last century. The place was known with sound of roasting unceasingly all day and night, passionate fragrance in the wind and pure coffee taste. Faifo Coffee was born with the desire to bring back traditional beauty of ancient Hoi An.

The idea of true love

The story of Faifo Coffee started from the memory of coffee smell in ancient Hoi An. The love for coffee from childhood grew up day by day with desire of reviving recipes of traditional roasting coffee methods. After years of hard study, the lost method appears again in Faifo Coffee.

Top quality

Faifo Coffee beans are planted and nurtured in Cau Dat, Bao Loc, Lam Dong – 1500m above sea level basaltic land, at 108’26’13D longitude crossing the land to grow the most famous coffee in the world. The land was ideal for the best quality Arabica coffee beans, captivate even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Faifo Coffee selects traditional “Carpentry” method for roasting in Hoi An to keep full taste of pure coffee. No mixing, no spices, no additives, what’s in your cup of coffee is the real thing.


Faifo Coffee wants to share true taste of coffee to coffee lovers. Sipping a cup of coffee roasted in place, tasting its smell, bitter, sour in ancient space keeps you a memory of peaceful Hoi An. Faifo Coffee is destination for coffee lovers to gather and chat.

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